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ZIPPS LLC offers companies like yours professional plastic injection molding Training, Consulting, and Process Engineering Support.

Why you should choose ZIPPS!

  • Dramatic Increases in Productivty with ZIPPS Training
  • ZIPPS Consulting Services Are the Gold Standard
  • Your Processing Challenges Are Solved with ZIPPS

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What Our Clients Can Expect!

We can dramatically increase your productivity with our services
Our services have shown dramatic decreases in cycle time, part weight, and scrap therefore improving productivity on the molding floor. We train and educate your staff to obtain these same kinds of increases in proclivity using scientific injection molding practices.


We can help resolve your processing challenges
Many times on the molding floor companies run into processing challenges that can’t be solved in-house. These challenges effect production and takes away time from your regular molding operations. ZIPPS staff offers over 100 years of molding experience that can help resolve these challenges in a timely and affordable manor.


We will know your business.
We make it our business to understand your business. We will invest our time and resources to develop and maintain knowledge of the dynamics that impact both your industry and your organization. Understanding your business will help us provide better service to you.


We will plan our engagements with you.
We know that clients differ in their goals, risk tolerance and a variety of other factors that must be taken into consideration before work can begin on any matter. At the beginning of every significant matter, we will work with you to develop a plan to meet your strategic goals. By agreeing on a plan at the beginning—and adjusting it as needed—we will stay focused on what is most important to you.


We will manage your work as if we were the client.
We will work with you to manage your costs. We will staff every matter with the right resources, and we will manage the work as if we were the client—delivering the highest quality of service on time and in the most cost-effective manner.


We will be available when you need us.
We recognize that you often need to make swift decisions and act quickly. We will be ready to act for you when you need us, and we will make ourselves available wherever and whenever necessary.


We will communicate often.
Our goal is that you will never be surprised about developments in anything we are handling. We will provide regular updates on the progress of your matters, including all significant developments and changes to scope, timeline or budget.


We will provide the highest-quality service.
Above all else, we are dedicated to providing the Industries highest-quality of service. Our Consultants, Process Engineers and staff take pride in the work they do. From the boardroom to the production floor, you can count on ZIPPS LLC for the highest quality service.




What Our Clients Can Do To Help

We ask you to share your goals.
The more we know about your goals, the better we can manage our services to help you attain them. If your goals change as a matter progresses, we ask that you tell us, so we can adjust our approach to meet your expectations.


We want to know your preferences for working with us.
We ask you to tell us your preferred methods of communication, invoice and billing procedures, and anything else that is important to you, so that we can deliver our service the way you want it.


We need your feedback.
We want your feedback on our performance so that we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations.


Contact us today so that one of our staff may discuss the many ways that ZIPPS LLC can be of assistance to you with your Plastic Injection Molding needs