Injection Molding

ZIPPS LLC provides Plastic Injection Molding Training, Consulting, Process Engineering Support, and Lean Manufacturing solutions for companies in need of solutions to their injection molding problems.


Your company and staff can benefit from the most efficient and effective training available in the industry today.

By choosing ZIPPS LLC Injection Molding Training you get:

  • Quality training that will lead to increased productivity and increased profits.
  • Practical hands-on training on the injection molding floor that allows your staff to retain information longer and make the most of what they have learned.
  • A staff that has learned how to process efficiently using scientific injection molding practices.
  • Customized training designed to meet the specific needs of your company and staff.
  • V50 Toshiba controller training for EC SX Toshiba machine customers.
  • A company that understands scheduling time for injection molding training can sometimes be problematic, so we offer a variety of training options to meet those needs.



Our Consulting services are the gold standard in the Injection Molding Industry.

When you start utilizing ZIPPS’ consulting services, you will be putting 100 years of injection molding experience to work for your organization.

Take a look at all the ways ZIPPS helps your company improve injection molding operations and efficiencies with our Consulting services:

Our elite trainers are ready to help you in any area needed, and you will be secure in the knowledge that our consulting techniques are built to last and your employees will be retaining their new information far into the future.

You get a company that has consulted for some of the top automotive and medical injection molding companies in the world.

Our scientific approach to plastic injection molding allows us to reduce cycle times, reduce part weights, and reduce scrap rates. This leads to huge cost savings for our valued customers.

Through our many Case Studies, you too can understand the cost savings that can be achieved when using ZIPPS LLC Plastic Injection Molding Consulting Service.

Process Engineering Support

If you are a plastic injection molding company looking for help with your processing issues, then you’re in the right place because…

We have a highly skilled technical staff of process engineers who travel around the world to support our customers with their processing issues.

ZIPPS LLC provides Process Engineering Support for companies needing solutions to everyday processing problems.

During our process support we often discovery areas that with our help, can result in a dramatic maximization of process efficiencies and profits for our customers through our scientific approach to injection molding.

We have provided assistance for companies with new plant launches, new tool launches, or when you just need extra Processors or Process Engineers on the production floor.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing allows injection molding companies to do more with less.

  • Less Human Effort
  • Less Equipment
  • Less Time
  • Less Space

Lean Manufacturing reduces or even eliminates the waste and variation within the inevitable process flow impediments that occur in every industry, organizations or systems.

World-class companies have long recognized that Lean Manufacturing initiatives are synonymous with profit and improving your bottom line. But it is much more than that. Lean Manufacturing puts your entire organization under the microscope, striving for perfection in every aspect. ZIPPS LLC is here to assist you in achieving that perfection through our world class Lean Manufacturing Program.

ZIPPS LLC helps our clients develop a Lean Implementation Plan that strives to provide short term gains and long term success while creating an atmosphere where continuous improvement is a natural way of doing business every day by everyone. We incorporate various modules like Value Stream Mapping, Quick Changeover, 5S workspace, and Proactive Process Development, just to name a few.


Slim (Scientific Lean Injection Molding) is ZIPPS LLC module that integrates the variation reduction technology of Cavity Pressure Control with the waste elimination and continuous improvement of Lean. This combination with a knowledgeable work force and team leads to a robust process, customer satisfaction, profitability, and World Class Status!

Let us show you how to minimize costly waste with ZIPPS LLC Lean Manufacturing Solutions.

Contact us today so that one of our staff may discuss the many ways that ZIPPS LLC can be of assistance to you with all your Plastic Injection Molding needs.

You too can know that every part you ship to your customer is the best quality part and the most profitable for your organization.