Just a quick note to let you know that in our ZIPPS training class, our mold techs and supervisors, optimized the U152 Front Stacked tool with great success: Prior Cycle Time: 72 seconds New Cycle Time: 59 seconds Prior Shot Weight: 1854 g RH + 1818 g LH = 3672 grams New Shot Weight: 1798 g RH + 1760 g LH = 3558 grams Total Savings -114 grams per shot @ 460,000 veh /yr = 115,611.01 lbs / yr savings This tool has been running perfectly since this optimization with transducers.
Cindy Forbes Operations Manager
Lear Covingto


We recently had ZIPPS LLC in our facility, which I had never heard of before. We were to go through a 3 week training class on injection molding which we all thought was very long and not needed but I was ever so wrong. I have been in molding for 27 years and thought I knew and had seen it all but to my amazement they took myself and our process techs and began reintroducing plastic processing fundamentals for all us to use in our everyday jobs. When training was complete we went on the production floor to tackle 2 existing jobs with our goals of reducing part weight and decrease cycle time. We were all astounded, when finished both jobs were set up on Decoupled 3 molding technique, reducing both cycle times and part weight with approximately $750,000 in total savings. This is only 2 individual tools, we currently have over 180 tools in house with 45 more on the way, so we can all see where our savings should come from. There is no telling how much money could be saved on just reducing part weight alone. Material costs alone consist of 45% or more of part cost, so this is where we focus our attention. I would recommend ZIPPS for any molding company, they are very knowledgeable and are hands on individuals who can apply what they teach and not just talk.
Thank you,
Jeff Clayburn
Process Manager
Plastech Louisville Ky.


IAC (International Automotive Components) has been using ZIPPS LLC’s Services for many years now and extensively in Mexico since mid 2009. ZIPPS services have been invaluable to our operations in many ways. They have had a very positive and rewarding effect on our overall efficiencies and bottom line results.
ZIPPS teams proactive approach to Scientific Injection Molding and overall knowledge of manufacturing, processing and various plastic materials, along with tool performance & testing has enabled us to reduce cycle times, part weights, and increase through-put efficiencies while improving overall part quality. These were great lessons learned, the Rigorous Machine Testing methods alone have helped identify machine problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and lessened our overall productivity and performance.
Their training ability has significantly increased our employee’s knowledge level which enables us to maintain our processes at a much higher level of efficiency. We currently use ZIPPS for launching new molds, assisting in start up of transfer molds, Rigorous Machine Testing, educating our Process Engineers & technicians, process improvement on existing processes as well as their consulting services. Their passion and attitude toward serving all of our plants quickly and efficiently has been outstanding and deeply appreciated. We look forward to more Advanced Training with ZIPPS in the near future.
This has truly been an investment in our company that has paid us back huge dividends.
I would highly recommend ZIPPS to any Injection Molding Company needing help improving in any of these areas.

Noel Somasundram
Sr. Quality Director IAC Group


Smiths Medical has been using ZIPPS LLC for an array of services since 2006. I approached Mike and his team in 2006 for some technical training for my process technicians. Mike asked what results I would like to see from the training and crafted a specialized schedule and training plan unique to my needs based on staff knowledge, product, machine types, materials used, etc. The training was executed over a 7 week period and was showing results immediately. The more in depth the training got, the more interested my staff became. Soon they were answering their own questions with the knowledge learned in the class. Today my staff takes a much more systematic approach to all issues in the molding room. We no longer have or will accept “button pushing” as a means to solve an issue. I am in the process of developing the next round of training I would like Mike to teach geared towards cavity pressure and graph interpretation.
Mike has also assisted me in successfully implementing cavity pressure here at Smiths Medical. We started with a simple three gang body plate which was outfitted with sensors years ago but never utilized. With this mold we were able to prove with data to my management team the part weight savings, cycle time savings, and part containment abilities of cavity pressure and scientific molding. Today we have 5 production molds running the technology and have had great success. Each time we start these molds we match the templates created during validation. The technicians are beginning to use this as a tool to prove their process is stable before asking for the tooling room to perform maintenance and are using it as a tool to prove to maintenance that the machine is not responding the same as when the tool was validated.
All of us here have much to learn and with Mike and his staffs help we are learning everyday. Mike, feel free to use me as a reference to anyone considering your services. My staff and I believe in what you teach because it’s all in front of us in data.
James Lipps
Senior Plastics Engineer
Smiths Medical


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