“Optimizing the Process Starts by Optimizing the Individual”

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We can help. Let ZIPPS show you how to lower average part weights, decrease cycle times, and lower scrap rates. Would 3% material savings interest you, how about 3% cycle time and 50% scrap reduction? These are the average savings we see with our customers.

 While US Companies may not be able to compete with labor costs, they can maximize the efficiency of their workforce with training in critical areas such as Injection Molding Fundamentals and how to process for profit by reducing scrap, cutting cycle time, and capturing material saving. The Training and Consulting services of ZIPPS will more than pay for themselves within a few months.

Trainees will learn all about plastics to help them become a proficient processor. They will learn how to troubleshoot and efficiently optimizes the injection molding machine and process.

Basic and Advanced Injection Molding Training,
Consulting & Process / Plant EvaluationBEeb in action


Molding machine major components
Nature of plastic and its importance
Technical staff evaluation
Process Evaluation
Plant Evaluation


close up handProcess Optimization

Machine Optimization
Tool Evaluation
Rigorous Machine and Mold Testing
Machine Evaluation
Machine Operating Controls
Hot runner manifold design
Hands-on molding
Plastic flow behavior

Plastic characteristics and processing behavior

        Controlling Part Properties

Ethan checkin the quo

Optimizing the process from “the plastic’s point of view.”
Part Problems and Solutions
Transducer selection and placement strategy
Pressure Graph Interpretation


                                                            Safety Traininggas gauge

factory lifeClamp & Robot Optimizing
Machine Integration




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